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Admin's story the reason I setup the forum and Facebook group DEMENTIA FRAUD. Empty Admin's story the reason I setup the forum and Facebook group DEMENTIA FRAUD.

on Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:43 pm
My mother developed Dementia and was Diagnosed in 2014.  It was discovered because she was phoning the Police saying I was stealing from her etc (I was her only son, all we had was each other) This prompted the police to contact the MASH team who contacted SS who contacted the GP.  None of them contacted me.  Some 11 1/2 months later I discovered carers in mums house on a visit. (I didn't visit often as she was drinking heavily and would be aggressive towards me)  The cares contacted SS who contacted me.  We met up and in hindsight I knew from the 1st contact something seemed odd.  Anyway once I became aware of my mothers condition and as her main carer, I developed a routine that worked well alongside the carers.   As I had a business to run during the daytime my routine was as follows.

08.30 a.m. call in give meds make something to eat if she asks. Spend 10-15mins with her.
12.00 p.m. call in check heating on etc make sure food isnt hidden away.  Prepare some food if she asks for some, spend 10-15mins with her.
15.00 p.m. call in same checks as before 10-15mins with her.
18.00 p.m. Usual checks spend 30mins with her, chat have a cup of tea, make her something to eat if she ask's.
20.30 p.m. Make hot meal usual checks sit and watch TV 45mins-1hr.  

October 2014.  This is relevant because I have notes that confirm the SS knew about me in Oct 2014 and said nothing.  After two day's with no signs of movement at my mothers house, during my lunchtime call home to let the dogs out I called over to my mothers house.  The key was still in the mortise lock, so I had brought two (2) picks from work in an attempt to rotate the key round in order to pop it out and use my key to get in.  Whilst I was trying to gain access to my mothers house, I felt a presence behind me.  I turned around to see two (2) male Social Workers.  They asked me what I was doing, I asked who they were.  After the introductions with me explaining what I was trying to achieve and the two (2) male Social Workers explaining to me that they were attending because my mother was calling the police on a regular basis, a suggestion was made by one of the gentlemen to call the police so they could kick down the door.  I said I will do that and proceeded to kick the door.  My mother awoke and opened the door.  I could clearly see she had been on a serious drinking binge.  During my time there, I explained to one of the gentlemen about her drinking.  Once entry was gained  after five (5) minutes, I left to go back to run my business.  On another occasion I noticed a police car outside my mothers house.  I approached the constable and asked him to contact Social Services for help. See (exhibit.2). (This is a copy of the Social Services notes for confirmation of this event).  The reason I have mentioned this/these events is that Social Services were already involved without my knowledge.  These two gentlemen were aware of Social Services involvement and did not inform me.  It was during this Month that Dr Beddoes was advised to contact the son as he lives in the same road if she could not gain access.  Now it is clear that the DASS were aware of my mother since at least October 2014.  The G.P. contacted the DASS on diagnosis in February 2014.  There seems to be no record from February till October of the DASS involvement, what were the DASS doing during this period?  There is also no record of any care provided from October 2014 to March 2015 and no record of any care provided from March 2015 to when she was accepted by Grove House.  

February 2015.  Around the beginning of February I paid a visit to check on my mother.  I didn't call very often as my mother was drinking very heavily and was abusing me to the point that I recorded some of the episodes on my phone and played them back to her when she was sober.  I always checked to see if the curtains were moved on a daily basis.  One day on a visit to see if my mother was ok, I entered the house and heard voice's.  The first word I heard was "respite".  I walked down the hallway to the kitchen thinking that the people in there might be cold callers.  I entered the kitchen and there were four (4) ladies present.  I asked the ladies who they were.  They replied "we work for Local Solutions".  I asked "what Local Solutions was".  The reply was "we are a care company for vulnerable adults".  They then asked me "have Social Services contacted you? I replied " no have you got the number so I could contact Social Services myself?".  The reply given was that they "did not have the number to the Social Worker to hand and would get her to contact me".  I thanked them passed on my contact number and waited for a phone call.  Around the 7th of February I received a complement slip through my letterbox from Francis Johnstone, I called the number on the slip and arranged an appointment for the 9th February 2015.  I met Francis Johnstone at my mothers house on the 09/02/2015 at 12pm.  I expressed relief that now I may have some help and explained to Ms Johnstone that my mother had been drinking heavily and was phoning the police on a regular basis.  I also explained that I had been getting a hard time to the point I had recorded some of the episodes.  I offered to show Ms Johnstone the footage in the understanding that it would give her a clearer picture of mums condition and that she would realise the difficulties I had experienced.  She may then be able to offer some support for me also.  She refused to watch the footage saying it was private to my mother, this left me somewhat confused as I felt that it was relevant, but I did not say anything.  She did not explain her role in how she came in contact with my mother, nor did she call a best interests meeting to discuss my mothers care with family, friends and neighbours about how as a team we were going to manage my mothers care.   She did not explain to me about my mothers condition or of her involvement with my mother.  There is no mention that is was the first ever contact that had been made with myself.  Within weeks there were safeguarding concerns about me.  What you have to bear in mind is that at this time, I am still under the impression the DASS were involved because of my mothers alcoholism, I had no idea about the diagnosis of dementia.  This is because no employee of the DASS has sat me down and explained the situation)  Ms Johnstone's demeanour on initial contact was not very inviting.  Ms Johnstone was very insistent that I had her a key cut so she can gain access to my mothers house for herself and told me that carers would be calling twice a day.  It took me around two weeks to provide Ms Johnstone with a key for the front door.  Now that carers were calling daily I was observing them and asking questions.  This was so I could keep some continuity in my mothers care.  One of the main concerns at the time was there was no food in the cupboards, even though I was buying her food.  Until I discovered where the food was disappearing to, my mother spent a short time eating tinned food and sandwiches, eventually I decided to keep the food in my house.  I did a daily shop and brought over what was needed day to day.  February and March was a steep learning curve in trying to learn the best way to care for my mother as well as trying to reduce her dependency for alcohol.  This was in-between trying to run a business and home of my own.  

Some Questions that still remain unanswered.

⦁ Why did Francis Johnstone not explain to me why she had never been in, or tried to make contact with me for the previous eleven (11) months since my mothers diagnosis of dementia?
⦁ Why was Francis Johnstone  not willing to view the footage of my abuse, I feel it is very relevant in giving Ms Johnstone a better picture of my mothers condition?  
⦁ Why did Francis Johnstone not arrange a best interests meeting for friends and family to discuss what is best for my mother, I believe this to be procedure set by Government Legislation when SS become aware of a vulnerable adult?  
⦁ Why did Francis Johnstone or the DASS make no attempt to contact any of my mothers other family, or her friends or neighbours to inform them of my mothers condition on or after diagnosis?  They are required by law to do this as it helps them get an understanding of the vulnerable adult by getting information about that person from friends and neighbours etc.  
⦁ What exact care was Francis Johnstone and the DASS actually providing for my mother in the eleven (11) months they were unlawfully involved in my mothers care before I became aware?  I need to see documented evidence.  
⦁ Can the DASS provide documented evidence that they had indeed provided any care?  
The DASS became involved with my mother after the G.P. contacted them on or after diagnosis in February 2014.  The G.P. is required by law to contact family on diagnosis as it states on the NHS website.  The G.P.'s practise are stating that my mother had capacity at the time to say she did not want me informed of the diagnosis.  They cannot provide me with any proof that my mother said she did not want me contacting.  (There is no paperwork or legislation put in place or set by government for vulnerable people who are alleged to still have capacity to manage their own affairs on diagnosis of dementia for them to sign.  A legal document that states they do not want anyone informing.  This needs to be implemented as taking the G.P.'s word, amounts to nothing more than hearsay.  This government oversight opens the door to major fraud.  This is nothing more than taking advantage of the vulnerable and laws need to be changed or put in place to resolve this major issue).  For the remainder of this month I was working with Local Solutions and Social Services.  During this month I am watching and learning what the carers do in terms of their routine.
March 2015.  During this month I am just watching and learning what the carers do in terms of their routine.    

April 2015.  My mother was complaining that her joints were hurting so I made an appointment and took her to see her G.P. I was informed by the G.P. that my mothers meds had not been administered for the previous eight months.  During this visit the G.P. printed out a copy of my mothers Care Records.  After a brief look through them two things caught my attention. The first was the diagnosis of Dementia which the G.P or Francis Johnstone failed to tell me about and the second was an entry of "inadequate family help or support".  I questioned this, the reply was "remember when you and your mother fell out".  I believe this entry was removed.  This was after I explained to the G.P. about my mothers excessive drinking and the abuse that I had experienced.  I took control of administering my mothers meds, her condition improved and her pain relented.  I also reinstated her blood tests and took her for them on a regular basis as and when the G.P. requested.  I even bought a blood pressure monitor.  It was this month that I discovered that my mother was hiding all the foodstuff upstairs in various rooms and wardrobes.  It was at this time I started to take the liberty of opening my mothers mail.  It was this month that I became aware my mother had a problem with Dementia.  Up until April, I was dismissing her behaviour to her excessive drinking.

May 2105.  After opening two letters one from my mothers bank and one from the Post Office, I took my mother to Barclays Bank and paid into my mothers account £500.00 on two separate occasions of my own money to cover her Direct Debits.  This was until we could sort out my mothers financial issues.  I then took my mother to the Post Office to sort out her finances with them.  It made sense at the time to transfer the Direct Debits from Barclay's and close the Barclays account, as all of my mothers money was in the Post Office account, Barclays was empty and a service provider kept taking an amount then putting it back in.  (I was confused by this).  At the Post Office I was advised that the account was a pay in only account and that it does not facilitate Direct Debits.  The decision was then made with advise from the staff at the Post Office to close the Post Office account and have my mothers pension paid into Barclays.  The Post Office Assistant Manager advised me to contact the DWP in order for this to be implemented.  I contacted the DWP and had a meeting with a manager at my mothers house.  The manager was happy with my suggestion so we closed the Post Office account and transferred the balance of the account and my mothers pension payments to Barclays, I was made an appointee with the DWP on the 26/05/15.  I then explained to Francis Johnstone at my mothers house what had been agreed with the DWP and Barclay's Bank.  I asked her if she would help me apply for power of Attorney.  She refused.  At this current time I was unaware of any foul play but was starting to become suspicious of Francis Johnstone.  Reason being is I felt that all my suggestions were being ignored or brushed off, I did not feel we were working as a team.

June 2015.  I opened a letter addressed to my mother.  It was from Dr Beddoes. The content of the letter was an appointment for mum to attend an interview with Dr Beddoes at St Catherine's hospital.  I phoned Dr Beddoes office concerned as to how my mother was going to make her own way to attend the appointment.  A home visit was arranged.  I attended the visit and expressed my concerns to Dr Beddoes about Social Services (at this time I was unaware that Dr Beddoes was in fact working with Social Services, she gave me her name but she did not introduce herself properly or explain her involvement with my mother.  I assumed she was my mothers new G.P.  Just this one event alone proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the DASS had no intention to ever involving me in my mothers care).  I explained that I was advised by a close friend to put in place Lasting Power of Attorney and not to trust social services as they were a waste of space.  This close friend of mine had informed me of the complete incompetence, lack of care and compassion for his dying father displayed by Adult Social Services.  Dr Beddoes then replied "That she would be the one who would decide who gets Lasting Power of Attorney".  Dr Beddoes then proceeded to question my mother in front of me about her understanding of what Lasting Power of Attorney is for.  My mother answered all of the questions correctly.  This seemed to infuriate Dr Beddoes.  Dr Beddoes then told me that my mother was a very difficult case as she didn't trust anyone especially me and that she had spent the last six (6) months trying to get to know my mother and gain her trust.  At this point I asked Dr Beddoes a question, she was unable to answer the question.  My question infuriated Dr Beddoes so much her face reddened.  She made her excuses and left.  The question I asked Dr Beddoes was, "What is my mothers favourite colour?"  A very simple question.  One of the many simple but important question's people ask each other when trying to form a friendship.  Even primary school children would ask this question to the new child on his/her first day in the school playground.  By now a strong gut feeling was starting to develop that something was definitely not quite right with Francis Johnstone and Wirral Council's DASS.  Following advise from friends and neighbours at this time, my mother made the decision to make a Last Will and Testament.

July 2015.  After several visits to the bank and after arranging a bank card which was promptly swallowed by the cash machine, I knew something deceitful was happening.  It was when the manager at Barclays Bank told me that my mothers bank account was frozen, and mumbled something about the CoP that my suspicions were fully confirmed.  After some internet research I telephoned Francis Johnstone and confronted her about her involvement with my mother.  I also questioned her about her involvement with my mothers finances.  I reminded her that I had been keeping her informed throughout about what I was arranging for my mothers finances.  I informed her that these were hardly the actions of someone who is committing fraudulent money activity.  Eventually she admitted to contacting the DWP accusing me of Fraudulent Money Activity.   She admitted to having me removed as my mothers appointee with the DWP.  She admitted to contacting Barclays Bank and having my mothers bank account frozen.  After a few minutes I overheard Ms Johnstone being advised to terminate the conversation by another person who was present with Ms Johnstone.  During this month I raised a verbal complaint with Wirral Council.  During this month I was invited to a meeting at The Stein Centre which I declined due to their unlawful behaviour against my mother and I.  Rather than attend the meeting I requested a fresh start with a fresh team.  This request was declined.  I believe it was during this month following contact with a Miss Helen Hart an employee with Wirral Advocates(who I caught out red handed lying), that I witnessed my mother telling the carers to get out and stop calling round.  This happened for six (6) days in succession.  The reason my mother was demanding that the carers stopped calling was that she was confusing the carers for the people who had taken her money.  I contacted the care provider and explained the situation.  I asked them to stop sending carers round for a while to give my mother time to calm down.  During this month I started to keep receipts for everything I was purchasing for my mother.  During this month I started to voice record any contact with Wirral Council employees.  During this month I started to have to pay for all of my mothers living expenses.  

August 2015.  Feeling my complaint was not being taken seriously over the telephone, I made a complaint in writing by electronic Email on the 14/08/2015.  Also on the 14/08/2015, then again on the 18/09/2015 Francis Johnstone posted £60 cash through my letterbox unsigned and unaccounted for.  (I gave my mother the 1st £60, but I kept the second £60 which was posted.  I still have it).   I informed Francis Johnstone that I would be away from the 19/08/2015 and had put in place a care package for my mother with friends and neighbours.  The Department promptly arranged to visit my mother the day after I had left the appointment was made for the 20/08/2015.  This has transpired to be normal behaviour by Social Services to try and see my mother without my knowledge.  It was as if I did not exist.

September 2015.  Letter from David Jones informing me of my complaint's progress

October 2015.  Electronic Email sent to Jenny Harris complaints, response received 04/01/16.  

November 2015.  A visit was arranged for NHS workers to call out and check my mothers weight and blood pressure.  Two ladies arrived, as soon as they entered the kitchen my mother started to get very upset thinking that they had her money and saying that she felt like a dog waiting for its next handout.  Due to the fact my mother was continuing to get very upset because of the presence of the two ladies I eventually asked them to leave.  One of the ladies refused, she had to be asked three times to leave.  At the very moment the lady who was seated at the time decided to stand up, I moved the chair backwards.  This resulted in her loosing her footing, falling backwards and landing on her buttocks.  The Police were called by the lady, on arrival the Police were satisfied that an assault had not taken place and I was not arrested.    

December 2015.  I received a letter from Diane Altuntas who is employed Wirral Councils Financial Protection Team.  The content of the letter explained that the council were Corporate Financial Deputy's for my mothers finances and that Wirral Council were applying to the CoP to take control of my mothers property and Affairs.  The letter also expressed concerns that my mother did not have access to her money.  (It was their very actions that left my mother in this predicament, the question that needs to be asked is why did the Financial Protection Team wait eight months before acting on their criminal mistake?).  I contacted Diane Altuntas and a meeting was arranged for the 21/12/15 at the Stein Centre to see if I could show them the error of their way's and to see if we could move forward as a team.  During this meeting Carol Mussa could not answer any of my questions.  During this meeting Peter Ferguson agreed to have all of my question's answered.  I electronically Emailed him my questions which to date remain unanswered.

January 2016.  I arranged some respite for my mother at Salisbury House while I emptied her wardrobes upstairs giving her less places to hide all the foodstuff.  I dropped my mother off on the Monday at Salisbury House and had to collect her on the Wednesday as she was not settling.  I opened a bank account following the meeting in December and the council started paying in £100 per week.  It was this month that I was advised by Wirral Council that the CoP application submitted by them had been withdrawn.  It was this month that I was refunded over £1200 in expenses for my mothers daily living costs.  This refund was due to the fact Wirral Council had illegally/unlawfully frozen my mothers finances on false accusations, I should never have had to endure this extra expense for such a long period of time.  Sacrifices had to be made during this period.  All unnecessary.  

February 2016.  Just getting on with caring for my mother.

March 2016.  I made the decision to move in with my mother as her condition continued to deteriorate (THIS WAS DUE TO THE FACT THAT ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICATION HAD BEEN PRESCRIBED TO HELP HER CONDITION.  IT IS NOW TWELVE (12) MONTHS AFTER DIAGNOSIS).  I arranged more respite for my mother while I went on a six (6) day break.  This was at the Court Nursing Home in Rockferry.  On returning from my break, I then decided to keep my mother in respite in order for me to renovate my house with the intention of renting it out and moving in with my mother to make caring for her more manageable.  At this time I was also toying with the idea of closing my business to become a full time carer for my mother.  It was during this month, I had to attend an interview in Manor Lane Police Station in regards to the incident in my mothers house.  The lady's statement was complete fantasy, her co worker refused to make a statement to back up her statement.  I attended and took a prepared statement along with me.

April 2016.  I received a letter from the Police advising me of no further action.  At this time I am still single handily renovating my house, as well as running a business and making time every day to visit my mother.  This was as well as defending myself from a barrage of false accusations and criminal behaviour by a corrupt corporation by the name of Wirral Council.  Which has almost consumed my life at this point.

May 2016.  I Received a phone call from The Court Nursing Home informing me that my mother had been assaulted by another resident.  I requested that this other resident and my mother be kept separated.  At this time I am still single handily renovating my house, as well as running a business and making time every day to visit my mother.   This was as well as defending myself from a barrage of false accusations and criminal behaviour by a corrupt corporation by the name of Wirral Council.

June 2016.  While staying at The Court Nursing Home my mother developed a severe case of cellulitis in both of her lower legs.  Even with a combined effort by both the nursing home and social services it took them at least four (4) days to get the antibiotics to my mother to treat the condition.  The condition only improved when I brought my mother home.  It was this month that I started to receive respite reminders.  I did not reply to them initially as I presumed that the financial protection team would have notified the correct people in the correct department's.  Therefore we should receive no further reminders.  As it transpired this was not the case.

July 2016.  It was this month that The Court Nursing Home telephoned me and advised me of a second assault on my mother by the same resident.  I made a complaint to the CQC about the two assaults.  A meeting was arranged regarding the funding of my mothers care should she decide for herself that she would like to stay in The Court Nursing Home.  During this meeting with Diane Altuntas and Carol Mussa, I confirmed my decision to close my business and care for my mother full time.  During this month I received a phone call from Carol Mussa to arrange another meeting regarding mums care and funding.  I asked her for a letter which would explain the content of the meeting and who would be attending.  This letter was posted 2nd class and didn't arrive at my address until late afternoon on the day of the meeting.  This meeting  was to be held on Wednesday 13/07/16.  I arrived at the meeting.  On entering the room, I was asked to leave the room by Senior SS Vince Williams Wallasey MHT for a minute for a quick chat, outside the room I informed Mr Williams that I intended to record the meeting.  Mr Williams replied that he was not going to allow me to record the meeting, he did not give me a valid reason why.  I advised Mr Williams that unless he allowed me to record the meeting the meeting would not commence.  The meeting did not commence.  On exiting the building I immediately returned and made a recording in the reception area.  During this month I had to contact the council regarding the respite fee reminders.  I had to make contact before my mother and I received a court summons.  During this month I discovered that a DoL's meeting had been arranged for my mother without my or any other family members knowledge or consent.  During this month I brought my mother home, once she entered my house as I wanted to show her it was 95% finished and is/was looking good she decided that she wanted to move in.  When I questioned what would she do with her own house, she replied "I will rent it out".  So that's exactly what we did.  I used the last of my savings to finish renovating my house.  I did this for my mother.  

August 2016.  Now my mother was living with me, I was realising some of the pitfalls of caring for my mother in terms of her personal hygene.  This was the only factor I really needed help for.  I had a meeting with Carol Mussa and Jane Brooks at my house.  What we agreed during this meeting once again never materialised.  It was this month I received an electronic Email from Diane Altuntas apologising for the oversight regarding the respite reminders.

September 2016.  Finally a care package had been put in place after moving my mother in with me.  It was this month I decided to put in a complaint about Wirral Council with the LGO.  I received a survey form (ref612) from the DASS asking what my opinion's were on the DASS as a carer.  (I was dumfounded)  I sent it back with diary of events up to date and it was confirmed to me that it had been received.  I contacted the CQC to make a request that they contact me to confirm they have received it.

October 2016.  I received call off the carer advising me that my mother had threatened to stab her and that she would not enter the property again.  Following advise from my fathers partner I contacted my mothers G.P.  My mother was sectioned the following day after the meeting that I arranged at my house with my mothers G.P.  She arrived at the meeting with a Junior Dr and Dr Ferran.  During this meeting it came to light and was confirmed that my mothers condition was present in 2008 but remained undiscovered/undiagnosed.  (yet another mistake in my mothers care, leaving me feeling lost and confused as to how this can happen in the 21st Century).  Following a month stay at Clatterbridge Hospital under Section 2 of the MHA 1983 my mother was then further detained under Section 3 of the MHA 1983.  Following a CPA meeting Dr Ellis informed me that my mother had qualified for funding under Section 117 aftercare and advised me to find a suitable place for her to live.  I tried to communicate by electronic Email with Diane Altuntas and Carol Mussa over what the next stage was in relation to my mothers property and affairs.  This Email was ignored.  I also requested monies for repairs (damp course) on my mothers house after receiving a letter from the Environmental Health Department over the damp conditions.  I provided Diane Altuntas with three (3) individual quotations.  The reply was advising me to apply to the CoP.  Following the letter off the Environmental Health Department it was this month that I made the decision to spend the rental income on doing all the improvements that are required to bring my mothers house up to date and energy efficient.  (You have to bear in mind that the house has had no improvements for over 20yrs.).  Once the said works are completed it is my intention to use the vast majority of the rental income to pay for a top up fee in a better care home for my mother.  I would however have to set aside a small amount each month in case of any emergency repairs that may need doing on my mothers property in the future.  It was this month that I applied under the Data Protection Act 1998 for all information held by Wirral Council's DASS on my mother and I.

November 2016.  Complaint still ongoing with the LGO.  I found a home that accepts Section 117 aftercare patients.  Grove House was the place I picked.  Following a meeting to discuss my mothers care at Grove House, where during this meeting Simon Shaw explained to me that Grove House pride themselves on putting the family first and that they contact the family before anyone else should there ever be any issues.  This was music to my ears after the torture mum and I have endured at the hands of the Local Authorities.  I was then informed that Grove House did not tolerate any abusive behaviour.  When I questioned this, I was informed that Carol Mussa had contacted them and informed them of safeguarding issues concerning me but would not disclose the information.  The DASS are attempting to defame my character yet again.  On explaining my side of the story an agreement was made between management of Grove House and myself that Grove House is to contact me should any employee from Wirral Council's DASS Team want to contact my mother.  It was this month that I received a call from the CQC regarding the survey that was sent to me by Adult Social Services, at the end of the call I asked for the results of the complaint that I made regarding the assault on my mother at The Court Nursing Home.  The lady that telephoned me told me that the CQC had informed Carol Mussa and given her the results of my complaint.  (exhibit.9).  Carol Mussa has never provided me with the results of my complaint, nor has she provided me with the conclusion of her own investigation that she must carry out by law.

December 2016.  My DPA 1998 request for all information held on my mother was denied on the basis that my mother may not have the capacity to allow me to apply on her behalf and it may not be in my mothers best interests for the DASS to release her personal information to her own family. (HOW NOT?)  It is because I requested, daily logs, running sheets, internal and external emails etc.  It is my belief that should I be granted access to all the information I requested I can prove beyond all reasonable doubt, Wirral Council's Criminal behaviour and Neglect towards my mother and I.  During this month and at this time still honouring our agreement to contact me, I received a phone call off Grove House.  This was when Carol Mussa attended unannounced to perform a financial capacity test on my mother without my or any other family members knowledge or consent.  Grove House told Carol Mussa that they would have to contact me.  Being advised of this Carol Mussa then left the building.  The next day I received a phone call from Grove House explaining that Carol Mussa was on her way to Grove House to perform a Financial Capacity Test on my mother.  I was present at Grove House when Carol Mussa and her co worker arrived.  My mother was asleep.  I advised Carol Mussa that my mother was asleep and that it would be inappropriate to wake her up.  A meeting was held in the second floor office which I recorded.  It was this month that I telephoned Carol Mussa and asked her if she had asked my mothers permission to contact the half siblings.  her reply was that she did ask my mothers permission.  I asked her to provide me with proof of my mother consenting to her contacting the half siblings.  (ONCE AGAIN PAPERWORK NEEDS TO BE SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF FAMILY MEMBERS AND/OR CLOSE FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS OR AN INDEPENDENT ADVOCATE.  THIS NEEDS TO BE PUT IN PLACE TO PROTECT VUNERABLE PEOPLE, FOR ACCOUNTABILITY.  OTHERWISE IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN HEARSAY).  I can assure you my mother did not want the half siblings contacting ever.  I can assure you the feeling was mutual.  Neither my mother or the half siblings made any attempt to contact each other for almost forty (40) years.  They were never discussed in any conversation that my mother and I had ever.  If Carol Mussa would have contacted my mothers brother who is still alive, he could confirm this fact.

January 2017.  Following a request to pass on her contact number from Sandra Cullen (half sibling) Sandra Cullen made this request as she was suspicious of Carol Mussa following their meeting on the 13/12/2016.  Following this request from Sandra Cullen, Carol Mussa was obliged to contact myself to inform me of this request.  Why did Carol Mussa not provide me with the contact details before Christmas?  This would have been an ideal time to reunite a lost family after almost 40yrs would it not?  I did not receive the letter till mid January 2017.  This clearly shows that Carol Mussa was not acting with the family's best interests at heart.  I contacted Sandra Cullen and between us we organised a time that we could all go and visit my mother together.  During the visit I remained impartial and constantly reminded my mother who the others were.  I did this as it was clear my mother did not know who they were.  

February 2017.  Grove House contacted me informing me that Diane Altuntas was present to serve CoP papers on my mother.  On arrival I entered the second floor office to be informed that Wirral Council had instructed Dr Ferran to perform an illegal/unlawful financial capacity test on my mother without the family's knowledge or consent.  This now enabled the DASS to continue with their CoP application.  Naturally I was upset and after pointing my phone at Simon Shaw and Kelly Balshaw while reminding them of our agreement, I was asked to leave which I did without any resistance.  It was at this time I made the decision to look for another EMI Unit for my mother.  It was at this time I decided not to speak to anymore of Grove House's staff unless it was necessary.  On the 17/02/17 Simon Shaw telephoned me informing me of an incident the night before where my mother had allegedly entered another residents room and put a pillow over their face.  He informed me that the other family were ok about it and it was put to bed.  (I had attended Grove House earlier that day and had met with Simon face to face,  he mentioned nothing about the incident at this time).  During the telephone conversation, I asked why he didn't tell me at 10.15 am, his reply was that "he had to contact safeguarding 1st".  I disagreed I reminded him of what he said during our first ever meeting and advised Mr Shaw that he should have informed me immediately after the incident so I could have attended Grove House the same night to help calm my mother down, I live 3 minutes by car away.  I advised Mr Shaw that I considered it to be a very serious incident and requested the incident details and the reason Grove House did not contact me immediately after the incident.  I requested this information by way of electronic Email.  I am still awaiting the reply.

March 2017.  I received several calls this month informing me that my mother has had a fall.  Something I did notice was that my mothers mobility had deteriorated quite considerably.  However I also noticed a marked improvement in her aggression.  Mobility issues are side effects from the medication, something I can understand.  Overall I was still happy for my mother to remain in Grove House for the time being.  

April 2017.  Through to present time have been objecting to Wirral Council's CoP applications.
The unlawful/criminal behaviour by Wirral Council's DASS continues to this day.  

I will continue tomorrow

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