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Marie Idleson's story. Empty Marie Idleson's story.

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:37 pm
My human rights were totally violated!!

For Lillie, a Down Syndrome story

My name is Marie Ideson and I am wanting to pre warn expectant parents that what happened to me in 2004, could and will happen to other families. From an early age we are told to trust the medical profession, but what I experienced was a horror story.

On the 21st September 2004 I found out that I was expecting a baby with Down Syndrome, by the 22nd September 2004 I was conned, bullied, lied too and robbed of my baby. I was told by these so called professionals that my baby was worse than a Down Syndrome baby, that she had 64 abnormal cells and a Down Syndrome baby has 60 abnormal cells.

How could I bring a baby into this world to suffer, operation after operation and thats if its born alive. They said that my baby was so bad, that they could even arrange the burial. Lie after lie I was told.

I was in total shock and trauma, when they did this to me and I also had my other children with me. But that didn't matter to them they just used the situation and said what about these, the burden would end up on them, and thats if its even born alive. I did try to sue and even got my case to a barrister who confirmed that I had been bullied but to fight such an establisment would cost me everything and that they would close ranks. My solicitor at the time told me to get it out there anyway I could and to warn other expectant parents that this could happen to them. At the time I said to my husband, what if there lying and he said that they wouldn't do that to you, but they did. These people did not have any CONSENT at all for what they did to me, my baby was wanted yet they bullied me into a termination. A Down Syndrome baby has as much right to be here as anyone, who are these people that play God, that they can decide who has a right to be here and who does not have a right to life.

The fact that my little girl Lillie would have been down syndrome, was not the issue it was all the other lies that I was told. I have worked with down syndrome adults and already know how loving they are and what they can contribute to society. I was advised to have downs testing, and told that if my baby was found to have down syndrome, it would just prepare me for the birth, another lie!

At the time I said to my husband, what if they are lying and he said they won't do that to you, BUT THEY DID, if this had not happened to me I would never have believed it and find it hard to comprehend such evil. I know someone else that once strived for a perfect world, I most cerainly would not want to go there. I did go on to have a little boy who is now 9 years of age, I had no testing at all and thankfully he is here and safe, I will never trust these so called professional people againI

Please also see the attachment of the letter of apology that I received from the hospital .

There were three Main people who bullied me , one was Joanne Kuhl Downs co-ordinator at the hospital, The other two were consultants Mr Brash & Mr Cantie.

Due to me speaking out, when I had my youngest son Reuben on the 19th November 2006, I had requested a home birth. Yet this hospital sent two ambulances, 5 members of staff , WHICH WERE NOT NEEDED! They told me that they were taking me to face my fears. They told me they would not give me anymore Gas & Air and were taking me to Airedale hospital !

At this point I was nearly giving birth to Reuben, I was petrified that if I didn't go I would also loose him. They proceeded to man handle me out of my own home, I cannot express the fear that I felt.

I had no testing at all with Reuben, the issue was never about Down syndrome! It was all the lies and the bullying!

I will continue to try and make public awareness, to try and stop this from happening to other women!
20 May


Also please feel free Scott to share what happened to my auntie, the more awareness the better!

I just feel that I wanted to share this with you all! Dignity in dying, what dignity!

I know how badly the NHS treated me & robbed me of my little girl!
But just when I think they can’t stoop any lower!
My Auntie had been suffering from cancer, she was at home with my uncle & their daughter but had picked up a water infection & at the time the home care nurses, suggested she would be better being admitted to hospital, needless to say that after a week, she never got back home!

My uncle, his daughter, son & family visited every day! Early Monday morning the 12th of February, my auntie, was in a side room at the Bradford Royal Infirmary & at about 9am she passed away alone, they were never given a phone call to say, we think you need to come to the hospital due to your wife deteriorating as they would have known this by her observations!

When my uncle & his family arrived at the hospital she had already died. when he had rang earlier that morning & spoke to a member of staff, asking how his wife was, the staff member replied you need to speak to your son, whom they had decided to ring after she had passed! Her husband was her next of kin NOT her son!

My Auntie, has been a staff nurse at this hospital, working nights all her life & yes she was one of the most Caring, kind & compassionate lady’s I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & she was what I would have called old school nursing! It wasn’t all about cost, but about patient care!

Yet they have let her die alone in a side ward, not even contacting her family to be by her side as she drew her last breath! We are not born alone & nobody should leave this earth on their own!

When my uncle got to the hospital she had already died, yet there was still a needle in her arm, probably the same needle, that they would have used to up her morphine dosage! He had to ask them to remove it!

She was due to go back home for palliative care just another word for the LCP, but they didn’t even let her get that far!

The sooner people open their eyes as to what is happening the better!

Would they have done this to a consultants family, I very much doubt it!

I rest my case they call it care & compassion, con word CARE!
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