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they dont deal in the truth Empty they dont deal in the truth

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:22 pm
Fao UKColumn
Dear David
It all started a long time ago, over 20 years to be exact. Mum suffered an accident in 1995.
In 1998 the acting Solicitors persuing damages where accessing my mothers needs over her life expectancy laid down at 83.

The claim was for 1.7 million in damages but over thourse of the next 2 years divisions within the family would cause differences that would affect the claim.  In short in 2001 the claim was settled by compromise at £775,000.

For 6 years prior to the award arriving I alone had looked after my mum whom was wheelchair bound and doubly incontinent.  The award arrived and solicitors deemed mum was incapacitated to manage such large funds and me and mum disagreed.

Specialists were drafted in whom derrived mum had capacited but the court doctor disagreed and so the Judge opted to keep control of her money using a solicitor to manage it.
The major concern from family was the charges.

The solicitor whom got the job expressed in writing that his charges will not infringing upon the capitol designated for mum’s care using the words the family can “rest assured”.
The Judge Denzil Anton Lush also in writing the judgement stated that awards for fees do not simply fall on a patient’s funds and in fact it is unlikely that charges would exceed what was estimated as laid down of £2000 per year.

The 1st year without any knowledge conveyed to mum or me his charges were £26,377
The second year without any knowledge again conveyed his charges were £14,000
So, for the 1st 2 years we were told the estimated charges to be no more than £4,000 were x 10
This was discovered in the 3rd year. Whilst the deputy stole £500 per week he only gave mum n me £200 to live on. This is were sparks began to fly as you can imagine.

We now are approaching nearly 2004
We came to the conclusion this court was very sinister indeed and it was not as was advertised.
Various run in’s with this regime occurred and in 2008 so dissillusioned with th Uk we decided to emigrate to Spain in March.  No issues came from any party and we were free to go.

Having found rental property in Spain demand s were made to release mums remaining cash estate to her new country of residence but was refused.  Not only did the court of protection for England and Wales keep mums cash in their coffers they failed to open a euro account with the balance.
Protestations of many were made over 5 years to 2013 because on entering Spain the exchange rate was £1 to 1.5euro but was diminishing over the years and so the allowances each month were becoming less and less due to exchange rate losses.  We calculated over 5 years that the continued theft of mum’s cash estate had diminshed in exchange rate losses of over £100,000
The question was raised with our MP, that such mal adminstration losses need compensation to the client by the OPG who would not address the issue alongside the overcharges we had made countless complaints about.
Over 10 years the charges should have been £20,000 but were in fact £150,000.
Basically, without a full assessment, in short, the OPG had a liability to their client in our opinion of a loss exceeding a quarter of a million pounds that as mum s sole carer could clearly see something was seriously wrong.

Though mum moved abroad and all her furniture went with her, the court prevented an exchange of her property to a Spanish villa not once but twice, when we finally reduced the price to sell it the judge stopped it.

Numerous campaigns were addressed with nothing but contempt so eventually in 2011 I went to see the British constitution group and met with Roger Hayes and Guy Taylor whom advised a commercial lien be served on the solicitor which was completed in December 2011 but as 2012 came in these solicitor s that failed to respond to lien were told that research on there properties was to follow in order to attach the debt to their houses.
That’s when the shit it the fan, the solicitors shot to court with a case upon me for harassment that I denied consent to as I deemed it too bias for a fair trial. They continued in my absence and finally in 2013 January they held a committal hearing using their own judge to judge in their own cause a nominated court of protection judge to issue a prison sentence upon me that had left the country with mum the day before.
Roger Hayes and GUY Taylor attempted to represent me in court and we served several documents on to the judge before he issued his void order.

5 Years late rwe still are fighting to have the order VOIDED meeting brick walls.

In a nut shell the court committed theft, fraud, mal administration upon mum topping it off with an act of treason, to inprison the whistleblower son/carer by judging in their own cause in an effort to protect the court of protection NOT the client whom has suffered not only £250,000 minimum losses but also her home too that has become stuck in the UK where we can’t live in it peaceably and neither can she sell it.

We are trapped abroad renting a flat that is inadequate where in order to pay for it I need to go out to work several hours per day instead of providing the care needed for my 77 yr old disabled mum whilst her £250,000 house stands in the UK languishing and the court continues to ignore all attempts to bring the perpetraitors into a court of our own denying all rights to due process.

You could nt make it up if you tried.

Take in account this is a very brief shortened down version of the real nightmare that fortunately has been documented in diary format over the years inclusive of recorded conversations etc.

The worst part that revealed itself last year that they are still placing charges upon that property that have been hidden for so called services that also have been hidden bot concealed!!!

Mike and Ann mike at rake.net   07763906847
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they dont deal in the truth Empty Re: they dont deal in the truth

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:51 am
Hi Mike

You're quite right, they don't really do truth justice.

Your experiences sound terrible, i wish my knowledge extended far enough to offer real assistance.

Have you ever thought about learning how to operate in their arena yourself? It's not as difficult as one might suppose, to get the basics it's like learning the rules of several different games at once.

You need to come from a position they respect and start asking the right questions, and let your yay be yay and your nay be nay.

....and realise it's yourself who HAS to do it.

If you're not the Executor of your own 'Life Estate' then someone else is administrating it and you have no control because you have yet to take it over.

That's why they're getting away with it - as long as you are using one of their BAR members to take care of your affairs then they can treat you as an idiot or child.

How much Law do you know up to now?

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