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Another heartbreaking post on my FB group Empty Another heartbreaking post on my FB group

on Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:18 pm
As I sit here and begin to write about the last two weeks of my mums life ,where she in residential care in Plymouth DEVON ,my mum was so ill with her COPD also suffered with dementia ,I was phoned just over 2weeks ago by the home that mum had been admitted to hospital with her chest ,obviously myself and my son went straight up to the hospital ,we walked into majors department ,where I was told my mum was in bay 5 ,I walked over to the bay pulled the curtain back , and looked at what I thought was a homeless person ,I quickly apologised closed the curtain and returned to the nurses station ,the nurse asked me my mums date of birth ,and said yes that’s your mum ,
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