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Organising a care package, medication and finances Empty Organising a care package, medication and finances

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:10 am
The advise given below are just some of my suggestions from experience.  I'm sure I will have missed some things out so feel free to add to, or correct anything I have typed below. I write all my posts on the presumption that the family intend to care for their loved one.

This post has lots of contributing factors.

1) Having your suspicions of Dementia confirmed by a diagnosis. If this is by a G.P. stipulate confidentiality.
2) Once confirmed determine how many family members and friends are prepared to take the task on.  Ultimately your loved one will require specialist care.  Until that time research how you can use simple methods like changing the diet and using coconut oil amongst other things that will help slow the condition down if caught quick enough.  There are many ways to help slow the progression down.
3) With the diagnosis of the type of dementia, research the best medication and agree with whoever diagnosed your loved one which meds to use.  You must research the meds its important as some of the meds that may be suggested to you can KILL.
4) Now its time to talk about the finances.  Most family's due to work commitments and general living a life leave making a Will etc till the last minute.  (THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO SWITCH TO THE TRUTH IN LAW SIDE OF THIS FORUM AND START ASKING QUESTIONS) I'll run you through the basics as best as I can.

4a) Make a Will and set up a trust for your assets.
4b) Put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney.
4c) Try and understand that this unfortunate event that has happened to your loved one and family to the Local Authorities is commerce and they will come after your loved ones assets.
4d) If you haven't tied up you assets and you can feel the L.A. are after them, in order for the L.A. to apply to the Court of Protection to steal them they must perform a Financial Capacity Test.  They will try every trick in the book to do this including without your knowledge.  You must prevent this from happening at all costs.

Finally do your upmost to avoid any contact with the L.A.'s.  If your unfortunate enough to have them poking their nose in, get everything in writing (PAPER TRAIL, TIME TO SWITCH TO THE TRUTH IN LAW SIDE OF THIS FORUM TO ASK ABOUT POSTAGE RULES ETC) It's very important that you ask next door for this information as it will pay dividends later on.  If you have any personal contact record it.  IT'S NOW UP TO YOU LOT TO ELABOURATE ON THIS.
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