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Dealing with the Local Authorities Empty Dealing with the Local Authorities

on Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:08 pm
First thing here is that each authority nation wide have the same goal, the difference is the personalities you have to encounter.  I'll put a list of what I did below, feel free to correct anything.  I write all my posts on the presumption that the family intend to care for their loved one.

1) All communication to be done by post.  (look in Truth in Law at the postage service post for advise)
2) Any personal contact make sure you film or record it.
3) Deny them any capacity test especially financial.
4) Say as little as possible.
5) Always make appointments for any contact and always take an independent witness.
6) They will insist on contact to take weight, blood pressure etc,, buy a B.P. monitor they aren't expensive and take daily B.P. checks and weight once a week.  Log this down on a chart and inform the LA every two weeks with results.

I hope this will help, most of it is common sense.  JUST DON'T TRUST THE BASTARDS!!
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