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Executor of an estate Empty Executor of an estate

on Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:06 am
I read a comment on the net somewhere that stated :

'An Executor is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the 'person' who has died as stated in their Will.'

This dropped a few pennies for me as to why the Executor letter has the effect it does.

Have you ever wondered why a judge looks like he's seen a ghost when a defendant claims the role of Executor? It's because he HAS just seen - and heard - a ghost that no-one else can see!

In matters of probate, a will can be dealt with by either an appointed-by-the-court administrator or by a testator appointed Executor, yes?

When a defendant claims Executor-ship the judge see's a walking corpse! He is possibly looking at a 'twice-dead person' become the 'resurrected man'. If he is then that is the end of his career and possibly more than that.

A 'person' is dead to start with, yes? Well, if an Executor can only be appointed by the testator.... and the testator is assumed dead before the Executor takes his role.... the judge is looking at a twice-dead person become a living man - a 'resurrection'.

'Je suis la vie en le resurrection!'

One of the few times the living can be seen by the court.......
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